60+ Best Responsive Premium OpenCart Themes & Templates 2014

Cupid - R.Gen OpenCart Store Template - ThemeForest Previewer 2013-11-27 00-35-10

Here we’re presenting Best Responsive Premium OpenCart Themes & Templates 2014 for creating beautiful OpenCart shops. Each OpenCart theme and template is compatible for OpenCart,, and 1.5.6. These best OpenCart themes have carousel design and product description on featured product’s hover functionality. Best OpenCart templates have 100% responsive design for any kind of[...]

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20 Best Joomla Templates in Green


The life is given to man only once. And, of course, everyone wants it to be happy, joyful, conscious and beautiful. But very often we don’t do what we really want to, being stuck into routine and sweltering within the city walls. Some people are trying to impress the others with expensive and fashionable things:[...]

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40+ Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes & Templates 2014

Zinc - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Previewer 2014-03-26 12-47-42

A Collection of 40+ Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes & Templates 2014. These best buddypress themes are useful to build public forums with no effort. Each WordPress buddypress theme has responsive and unique layout. Most of the best buddypress themes are equipped with drag & drop layout builder, contact forms, sidebar generators and much more. Also check[...]

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10+ Best WordPress Themes 2014 For Fashion, Kids and Shopping


Best WordPress fashion, shopping and kids themes 2014 are useful to create sizzling WordPress websites for fashion reviews, kids fashion and kids shopping. These are beautifully designed WordPress Themes 2014 for your child school, child care, fashion, but it would suit for any children, art, craft or creative website. Let’s find out 10+ best WordPress[...]

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Fresh Start With 25 Clean and White WordPress Templates


One of the most drastic characteristics of our world is that it changes so considerably. The changes are an integral part of the world. Nothing stands still, but always goes on in a definite direction. Look at the sky – bright hues of blue at daytime become dark, deep violet every night; summer warmth and[...]

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60 Most Popular Facebook Layouts to Stand Out Among Others


Have you ever wondered how many times do we go on Facebook every day? A charming blue and white icon with a fat letter ‘f’ lures us into a fancy world of the biggest social network ever existed. Facebook has become an integral part of modern life and we can barely imagine the global network[...]

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50 E-commerce Themes for Your On-line Business


Long time ago people lived in the Garden of Eden. There was everything they needed – peace and harmony, singing birds and juicy fruits. There were no diseases and miseries, the whole world belonged to Adam and Eve. Wasn`t that great! What could be better than running naked on the endless meadows and living in[...]

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40 Relaxing Best WordPress Themes


There is no place like home, you say, and I would agree with you with only one big exception. If you go on a business trip, or decide to enjoy the marvels and peculiarities of another country, you definitely need a place to stay for a while. Such place makes the most essential imprint on[...]

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50 Stylish Flat Design Templates to Truly Amaze


Maybe you’ve already heard the term ‘flat design’. The modern trend that becomes more and more popular. Strict lines, vivid colors, distinctive icons. More simplicity and functionality with minimum unnecessary details. Starting like an unknown design tendency, flat design became a true leader in the digital world and is used by such giant corporations as[...]

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